“The wedding of the century”: The grandparents said “Yes” to each other after 40 years together and recently decided to formalize the relationship

A Mexican city has recently organized a long-awaited wedding which has even been called the “wedding of the century” by some. According to foreign media, Telegrafi reports, it is about Doña Beba and Don Pancho who spent 40 years together and recently decided to formalize their relationship. Friends and family joined the couple and the … Read more

40-year-olds reach the singles record, the factors and the case of Albania

Marriages have fallen drastically in most major European countries over the past decade, influenced by a number of factors.Coronations have fallen to historic lows in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Denmark and Britain. The most “scary” example is in Italy, where there were less than 200 thousand marriages last year, the lowest number since … Read more