Your husband will cheat on you, even though you have a happy marriage: Here’s why

You didn’t know these facts about treason until now, but now you should definitely learn them.

Cheaters can have happy marital relationships

It is not only true that those who cheat are in unhappy relationships. A research has revealed how this may not necessarily be true. But it is still a mystery why they act like this. Because they can?

Cheaters almost always cheat with someone they know

85 percent of traitors cheat with colleagues and friends, while those who spend part of their time together, talk and support each other, there are enough cases with this decision, Telegrafi reports.

Even women cheat

Although men are the ones who cheat more often, it is not true that women do not cheat. However, they most often betray them emotionally, which is more painful than physical betrayal.Betrayal does not happen spontaneously

Cheating doesn’t just happen by accident, no matter what cheaters say. Those who cheat plan a lot until they make the decision.

Traitors have a conscience

Regardless of the reasons for the betrayal, when cheaters put their ego aside and think about what they have done, they often feel bad and guilty about the betrayal. Who cheats once… will cheat again – in most cases it is like that.

It’s not your fault

This is also a completely normal reaction, which is why you should not be nervous. But it is important to know that it is not your fault and never let him convince you otherwise. It was exclusively his choice.

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