You will not marry him if you behave like this: Mistakes that men do not forgive!

You have met the True Gentleman and then he has become your whole world – this is one of the biggest mistakes most women make.

Have you started dating the True Gentleman and he’s all yours? It is more than true that he is one of the mistakes that women make when they “meet” the man of their dreams.

And then after a while they ask: “Yes, what happened that things went wrong?” Everything was perfect…”

In order not to fall into such situations, read what are the mistakes that most women make, but which they should not make, Telegrafi reports.

You don’t understand men

Women who fully understand men are hard to find. In fact, women themselves are more complex and understanding men is quite simple – if you know how to inspire them. The main thing is that, once you learn how to understand and appreciate men, you will show your best, instead of showing your worst.

Try changing it

There is nothing worse for a man than to be in a relationship with a woman he likes a lot but she immediately tries to turn him into her “project” which she has planned for a long time. Whether you’re criticizing how she’s dressing, how she’s eating, or making fun of her appearance in general, women tend to do this because they’re designed to take care of their partner. But men like to be valued and appreciated for what they are, not what you want them to be.

You don’t appreciate what he does for you

Some women are not grateful for the sacrifices that men make for them and behave badly. There are many women who stay in a relationship with a man only because of the gifts he gives them. He is not the only one who should appreciate what he does for you. If you are treating someone this way, know what to do to get back!

You don’t build trust

If a man is considering a future with you, he needs to believe that you respect him and support him. Deep down, men grow up as little boys with the desire to grow up and become heroes, and a good man who can support his girlfriend or wife. He may even risk his life to protect you. However, in order to repay him, you need to build a mutual trust, so that your relationship never has problems.

Philosophize while you have sex

During sex you get the word and the topic you open are mostly philosophical? Men, there is nothing worse. /Telegraph/

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