Women who often make love have a common characteristic!

Canadian scientists have reached an interesting conclusion.Women who often have sex have better memory, research has shown.

Canadian scientists have found the connection between sex and the hippocampus – the area in the brain that controls emotions, memory and the nervous system.

78 women under the age of 30 participated in the research, Telegrafi reports.

They were shown pictures of people’s faces and abstract words, while they had the task of remembering as many pictures and words as possible.

The results have shown that women who have sex more often are better at memory and abstract words, but whether they have sex often or not has not affected the ability to remember people’s faces.Sex is known to reduce tension and stress and in itself helps people to think without the burdens that stress causes.

Thus, the brain is not burdened with unnecessary information, so keeping new information in mind is better.

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