What is gamophobia? The fear of marriage exists and can create huge problems

People who have gamophobia often feel some anxiety when marriage is mentioned, and this phobia can be treated with the help of a professional and therapy


If you know someone who is in a relationship all the time, but for short periods and with different people, it is possible that this person suffers from gamophobia.

Gamophobia is an intense fear of long-term commitment or the fear of marriage. It can prevent people from enjoying lasting and meaningful relationships.

A painful breakup, divorce, or traumatic experience in childhood or adulthood can make people afraid to commit to someone they love.

However, it is not necessary to have been divorced in the first person, sometimes it is enough to have witnessed these painful vicissitudes in the third person to develop such a phobia.


This phobia can affect both men and women indiscriminately, rather it is a matter of understanding the different roles that women and men occupy within society.

People with gamophobia may also experience physical symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, tremors or upset stomach. It can happen when they are just thinking about starting a serious relationship with someone else.

Surprisingly, genetics also plays an important role in gamophobia, according to Dr. John Lucas, professor at Weill Cornell University in New York.

“What we often call ‘temperament’ is also closely related to our genetics.”

However, experts agree that overcoming gamophobia requires constant self-work and therapy that will help you understand the roots of gamophobia and how to overcome it.

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