What are weddings: anniversaries, gifts, signs

Every newlywed couple dreams of living together for the rest of their lives and enthusiastically celebrates their family’s birthday every year. There are many signs and customs related to the celebration of wedding anniversaries. They can be observed, they cannot be observed, but one thing is invariable – on this day, all family and friends gather, congratulate the heroes of the occasion, give symbolic gifts (or not). Spouses themselves also do not forget to congratulate each other, kiss and remember once again how much they love each other. Few people know what weddings are (except, of course, the well-known golden ones), so often the celebration consists only of a celebration and congratulations. But there are many signs and traditions that were not invented in vain by our ancestors. Yes, and wedding names are not just a fictional character, each has its own psychological aspect. The more years young people lived together, the “stronger” the name of the anniversary. For example, a “glass” marriage hints at the fragility of a 15-year love relationship. When faced with a crisis, spouses should value their love as much as the glassware given to them on their fifteenth anniversary. What are wedding anniversaries The wedding itself (zero anniversary) is called “green”, indicating the youth of the bride and groom, as well as their families, with this color. Throughout the year until the first anniversary, everything is green, still fresh and unknown.

twenty-sixth anniversary – “jade”. The union, which has lasted 26 years, is now practically unbreakable, as is the extremely durable fatigue. the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth anniversaries are not marked. twenty-ninth anniversary- “velvet”. It is not difficult to guess why velvet served as a symbol of 29 years of life. This is a rich, expensive, beautiful and refined material, as valuable and beautiful as the union of two people who have approached the thirtieth anniversary of the family. thirtieth anniversary – “pearl”. As storms and waves polish true pearls, so life’s misfortunes only make a marriage stronger and more beautiful. Pearls are not only beautiful, they are also durable, do not fade over time and are extremely valuable. thirty-first anniversary – “dark”. Among the many wedding anniversaries, the names of which usually imply some kind of material, this anniversary is somewhat surprising. It can be assumed that pale, tan means strengthening, under which wrinkles and difficulties of the past years are hidden. the thirty-second wedding anniversary is not celebrated. thirty-third anniversary – “stone”. The name speaks for itself. The union is already so strong that no hardship and wind can destroy it. thirty-fourth anniversary – “amber”. Transparent and very valuable amber reflects the path that the spouses have gone through. Amber goes through many transformations before it becomes a stone from resin. Husband and wife went the same long way in 34 years before reaching such an agreement. thirty-fifth anniversary – “choral”. Corals from a small polyp grow into whole coral reefs, which is a symbol of the love of spouses that grows every year. the thirty-sixth anniversary is not marked. the thirty-seventh anniversary – “muslin”. Muslin is an expensive fabric, the production process of which is very laborious.

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