There are five types of love, which one do you find yourself in?

Not everything we think is actually love. The only love is the truth.We bring you five types of love, which do you find yourself in?

Forbidden love
A love that cannot and will never happen because it is not allowed by the universe and the people around you. This is the love that you would be ready to move the cosmos for, that you burn and I’m passionate about, but it doesn’t because it’s not meant for you.

Unrequited love
One of those stereotypes of love where one person loves but doesn’t say it because they know the other respects them but doesn’t love them in the same way.

An unspoken and restrained love, which hurts, but also means. A person who loves him, knows that he loves him unconditionally, a person who knows him very well, who appreciates and respects him, but not everyone is destined to love everyone.Tough love
This is the love that will keep you grounded, that requires you to be accountable. You will have a partner who controls you and decides what you should be.

Sometimes the opposite party feels fear, but doesn’t leave because they think this is the kind of love they need and deserve. In a relationship like this, it is possible for both partners to bring out the best version of themselves, but is love about seeing what we can be, or what we are?

Love at any cost
This love is damaged. This can be caused by distance, a combination of circumstances and luck. Such a relationship is full of things to work on.

However, there are some things that cannot be fixed no matter how hard you try to stay together. Even if you think this is it and it seems like it could last forever, some things are just better to let go.

True love
It’s not the love you burn for, but the one that happens suddenly. Love that understands, is patient, trusts and has no expectations. A love that is about to happen to you shows that you have not dreamed in vain.

Only true love is worth fighting for, because love is not about suffering, burning and feeling. Love is what happens to you and you deserve only such love and it is worth fighting for.

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