The three things you should never ask a man for

Marriage works with a lot of compromises, from how you fold your clothes to watching movies you don’t like. But as long as this sacrifice is made because you love your spouse, you do it with an open mind and an open heart.The best thing about compromises is that they go beyond the expected, which can be very good for a marriage. However, women often have a tendency to ask men for things that are harmful to marriage.

So, these are some of the things you should never ask your husband, as they are not only unrealistic, they are also harmful to the relationship, Telegrafi reports.

“Never look at another woman again…”

Don’t get this wrong, but men are genetically programmed to observe women in general, and especially those who have attractive features.

Don’t expect a man to never look at a beautiful woman again, because he will, whether you ask him to or not.

Trust the man and understand that even if you notice a handsome man, this does not mean that you will immediately get into his bed.”You have to change…”

There are many qualities and traits that I love about your husband. But, often you may not be an admirer of some of its forms, such as if he is too optimistic, he forgets important things, etc.

Be patient when it comes to these things and remember the qualities you want her for.

Your husband is who he is and neither of you should expect each other to change.

Don’t ask him not to go out with his company…

This is normal, especially in the first years of marriage.

You should keep in mind that in a healthy relationship it is important to have other people to spend time with, so never ask your man to avoid his company for your sake.

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