The study shows the age at which women cheat more, but also that they have less remorse than men

An interesting Norwegian study showed that about 15 percent of married women cheat on their husbands at least once, while about 20 percent of men cheat on their partners.Successful women with high incomes are more willing to flirt and use feminine charms on other men, and researchers believe that the reason for this is greater self-confidence, more liberal views and greater opportunities given to them in compared to women raised in the traditional spirit and with less paid professions.

“For both women and men, power acts as an aphrodisiac and it is a false assumption that women feel more guilty because of adultery, moreover, they have less remorse after adultery,” said the leader of the study. , Professor Joris Lammers from Tilburg University.Religion and moral beliefs have less to do with an individual’s willingness to cheat on their partner than opportunity, opportunity, and power.

In addition, research has shown that the early 30s is the most common age of life in which women cheat, and this is explained by the decrease in fertility and the focus on the sexual aspects of the relationship, when men are no longer judged according to the principle “a he would be a good father to my children.”

The British columnist, Diana Appleyard, points out that there are still different opinions in society about the infidelity of men and women, and while a man will be justified by a stronger sexual desire by taking advantage of an opportunity, even being seduced by a woman ; women who cheat are presented as planners and insensitive, as well as “destroyers” of families.

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