Thanks to which people live together for decades: 10 reasons we forgot

When I see two people in their 70s walking hand in hand, my heart is filled with warmth. Do they have some secret formula that makes their love last so long? Most happy couples have a reason for being together all these years. Many of us have forgotten these reasons today. Well, let’s remember. 1. They have common interests and are constantly looking for things that might interest them both. Common interests are what bring people together. And happy couples are focused on finding more activities and topics of conversation that will be of interest to both of them. Shared interests and activities don’t have to be something from the realm of fantasy. Sometimes it’s enough that you both like to watch a movie in the evening cuddled up. Remember, after all, common interests, the feeling that you are with a person who understands you – this is what once attracted you to your partner. What about now? And now you’re too busy looking for something you both might like. If you continue your relationship not as two like-minded people who constantly want to learn together and from each other, share their interests and look for something in common, but as two different people who do not know why and why they were there. , then it’s unlikely that after a certain amount of years, someone will look at your couple and think that you have a formula for a happy relationship.

They go to bed together every night Many couples today live according to their own schedule and forget how important it is to spend time with each other. Even in the evening, instead of being next to your loved one, you sit with your nose at the TV and watch another unfunny comedy. Better watch this with your wife/husband, cuddled up under the covers of course. Remember that we all need human warmth and love. 3. They never go to bed mad at each other. Happy couples note that this is one of the main rules. Interviews with people who have been married for 50-60 years prove that this is not just a boring clich̩ Рthe moral is much deeper.

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