Strong plots to buy an apartment

Most real estate buyers always turn to real estate agencies. This is more due to the dangers and scams prevalent in this field. But you can protect yourself and buy a new apartment at a cost that is profitable for yourself using not quite traditional methods. Conspiracies to buy an apartment will help you make a good deal. In addition, it is necessary to use amulets against fraud and rituals from possible damage that may remain in the apartments from the previous owners. After all, the most important thing depends on these components – the future well-being of the whole family in a new home. If you liked the apartment If you decided on an apartment, you really liked it, but something prevents you from buying it all the time, perform a magical ritual with a thread. It must be made of pure wool and be red in color. You run the thread through the front door handle of the apartment you want. Hold the ends of the thread in your hands and say the words:

Door and holder, be good to me. Mother and eve, Cut the heart of all! Take the thread with you. It must be hidden so that no one can see. Very soon you will become the owner of the apartment you like. If there were other potential buyers, they will soon disappear. What to do if there is not enough money to buy? Sometimes you need to urgently buy a house, but there is not enough money. Unpaid debts or loans make it difficult to get a new loan. To quickly collect the required amount, or to pay off existing loans, they use an effective plot for a successful and quick purchase. For him, fresh acacia honey is bought in the local market.

Every morning, eat a tablespoon and read the plot: “As an acacia tree reaches for the sun, as bees reach for honey, so attract money to me and stay with me.” Bees build a hive, and I will build a house. Honey for the bees, and money for me (my name). In a short period of time, your financial well-being will improve. Magic ritual with nails For a successful purchase, quick documents and all related procedures, a conspiracy to buy an apartment with nails will help. They are bought in the market. Nails can be any size, but small ones are best. When you buy them, you don’t get change. The ceremony is performed only during the growing moon.

Fraud protection Buying an apartment is a big temptation for fraudsters. After all, real estate transactions involve very large sums of money. To protect oneself from the actions of intruders, a special ancient ritual is performed. For it, they take: Epsom salt (can be bought at any pharmacy), ordinary vegetable oil, milk and a glass container (preferably a glass).Effective prayer for the purchase of an apartment Rarely, but it happens that suitable housing cannot be found or some circumstances constantly intervene. In this case, you can turn not only to magical powers, but also to prayers that have been tested for centuries. For many years, people have read a prayer to Spiridon of Trimifuntsky. It helps to solve the housing problem, get rid of poverty and improve welfare. The prayer is read every day until the issue of buying an apartment is resolved. “O blessed Saint Spyridon! Pray for the mercy of the Humanitarian God, not to punish us according to our iniquities, but to make us with his grace. Ask us, servants of God (names), from Christ and God for our peaceful, quiet life, health of mind and body. Free us from all worries of soul and body, from all evil and devilish slander. Remember us to the throne of the Almighty and pray to God, to forgive us many sins, to grant us a comfortable and peaceful life, but to grant us a shameless and peaceful death and eternal happiness in the future, let us constantly send glory and thanks be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen”.

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