Pregnant bride? Read this guide for the best possible wedding

If you are a sweet host, and you are planning to have a wedding, we are bringing you some very valuable tips that will be of great help to you

The time you will choose to get married

Many brides choose to get married in the first 3 months, for a very simple reason: because you can’t see your belly. But we advise you to get married in the second trimester.

The question arises why? We advise you this because the risk of miscarriage is greater in the first three months. In that period you should be as calm as possible, without stress and you should rest a lot. Second, your skin color is fuller in the second trimester.

Find the perfect place for you

There are many places where you can hold your ceremony: in gardens, elegant restaurants, on the coast.

Buy shoes at the last minute

It may not seem very normal to you, but it is true. Legs tend to thursday during pregnancy. If you buy them too early, there is a risk that they will no longer fit.

Do not wear rings

As well as the legs, also the hands on Thursday during the pregnancy period, class magazine writes. Wearing rings when you are a pregnant bride is not a good idea at all.


This is among the main things that a pregnant bride should choose very carefully. Maybe it is the happiest day of your life and you don’t think about other things, but in such cases keep in mind the consequences.

Choose a food that will be easy for you and make sure that your plate is not missing anything from the plate that the wedding party has, or else you will be stuck there. Ah, serve alcohol at the reception if you want, but don’t forget to bring a few bottles of non-alcoholic wine for yourself.ustan

Most important for a bride. You mean that body-hugging dress that showed off your beautiful bust? Forget it. Try to choose a loose, light dress that makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

It is not at all a beautiful sight for a bride who is constantly adjusting her dress, even more so for you who are expecting a child. Try not to choose knitted and satin materials as they increase the chances of overheating and as if they will “suffocate” you. /Telegraph/

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