No cases under 18 in 2022, Albania is “eliminating” the phenomenon of early marriages

No girl under 18 got married in Albania last year.

According to official data, 18,782 marriages were registered in 2022 and what stands out, apart from the decrease in the total number of celebrations, is that for the first time there is no case under the age of 18, reports Euractiv.

Early marriages are a phenomenon that is coming towards the extinction of our country.

Based on data from the statistics institute, the number of girls married before the age of 18 during 2020 was 16, while in 2019 it was 20.

The Family Code stipulates that marriage can be concluded between a man and a woman who have reached the age of 18. The court of the country where the marriage takes place, for important reasons, may allow the marriage even before this age.

But for the year 2022, there were no requests for marriage under the age of 18 in any court.

In most countries, early marriage is prohibited by law and is considered a violation of human rights. Global projections call for 150 million girls to marry early by 2030

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