New trend: lovers who wear bluetooth headphones while making love say they enjoy it more

According to a new study conducted by the Internet sales site TickPick, even one in five people who use headphones do so during intimacy.Even 20 percent of buyers have confirmed that through headphones they listen to bizarre conversations in order to listen to them and be even wilder in sex, Telegrafi reports.

The primary goal of the researchers was to find out how music affects people during sexual acts and what they listen to most often through these headphones.

The online research with thousands of people who have listened to music during sex, has resulted that at least 57 percent of people who have this habit are satisfied with their sex life.63 percent of respondents listen to country music while making love.

During the research, interesting facts were also highlighted, of which only one is the one that those who listen to hip-hop love the most.

What has surprised the researchers the most is the fact that more than half of the people who use bluetooth headphones during lovemaking, it is through them that their partners also hear bizarre conversations to motivate them for the best sex. than ever before.

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