Men stay married for life only if the woman fulfills these two conditions

When we talk about marriage, its longevity is most often attributed to love.

The well-known psychologist, Mihail Labkovski, says that love usually ends at some point even in the happiest marriages, but that these people remain in a happy and perfect marriage because two things are the most important in bringing two people together, reports Glossy .

“As we age, we have less strength than when we were young, so all we want is understanding, peace and comfort. So what is the secret to a happy marriage where love has stopped? I will tell you – trust, a sense of security, support and understanding”.

When you reach your forties and fifties, these qualities are much more important to you than the lust and jealousy that gives you headaches.

I am sure that women who have invested all their energy in life in career, finances and appearance are very stressed in these years, which affects their marriage. They believe that these qualities of theirs are what have kept a man close to them. In their forties and fifties they are very tired because they are constantly walking the wrong path.

A man falls in love with personality, loves individuality, respects self-confidence and independence. The phrase connects people, but for how long? At some point in every marriage, there comes a point when a man just wants to live peacefully, without stress, without the interference of other people. He wants to sail in a calm sea.It is this ability to not step into one’s comfort zone, but to respect it, that determines how many years you will live together.

So, dear ladies, a man will live with you for the rest of his life under two conditions:

1. You have something to talk about,
2. Don’t worry too much about trivial things.

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