Men, if you knew how to ask for sex, we would offer it to you very often!

It has been proven that men don’t get sex because they don’t want it. It’s not said in vain – don’t talk too much but be persistentMen are reluctant to conquer women, because they are afraid that she will reject them. Many such situations would have lost their meaning.

However, research has proven that this is a completely wrong idea, because women love sex.

Most women do not reject sex, but they reject men who do not know how to offer it to them, Telegrafi reports.

Ignorance of the technique of love spoils even the most ideal situations. Some men do not consider the foreplay of love at all, while others do not know about the erogenous zones of the female body, which have a very important role in sexual contacts.However, some women are more excited by the soft kiss that they feel with the inner part of the muscles or the soft stroking of the hair, while almost every woman loves soft kisses and hugs, before they completely burn in physical love.


Rules of the game for men

There are no safe “recipes” for seducing a woman, because each woman is a personality in herself with her own characteristics, habits and desires.

Sexologists, however, have evidenced some legalities and defined the most important “rules” for what a man should keep in mind when he wants to approach a woman:

– The woman enjoys the foreplay of love.
– Women do not like men who approach the technique of love superficially, with routine and template.
– The woman has a burning desire to be respected and loved as a complete personality, and not only because of her body.
– Women love temperamental men, but not rude ones.
– The woman wants the man to marry her before she says “yes”.
– Women do not like excessive flattery, which sounds banal and drained.
– The woman wants to be in love even after sexual love, just like she was in love before the sexual act.

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