How do happy couples build relationships?

Most people spend most of their lives in search of harmony. Sooner or later, everyone finds for themselves the necessary source of happiness, these are: creativity, career, a large company of friends, travel, self-improvement, collection, etc. But there are also people who cannot imagine themselves without a strong friendship and family. First, this is the desire to feel protected, loved and desired by a child, after that – the search for a partner with whom you can create a strong marriage and be happy for the rest of your life . Often, children who grew up in a complete family where parents loved each other transfer this pattern of behavior to their own families. They unconsciously take a good example and bring some holidays, traditions in their family, even use in the kitchen in the morning the family recipes of the “crown” that their mother spoiled them in the morning. If there was no harmony in the child’s family, then his partner will instill the necessary knowledge, or he himself in adulthood will consciously avoid what can destroy the idyll: high-profile scandals, betrayal, lies, baseless jealousy, bad habits, etc. The psychology of choosing a partner Now there are many theories about how a boy and a girl should be in order for them to end up feeling like typical couples in love and happy. They are based on two simple rules, and if they are briefly described, then this rule is “opposites attract” and “inseparable pair”. Each of these methods has its pros and cons, and to understand how it works in general, you need to analyze them in more detail.

Do opposites attract? So that feelings do not fade and relationships are bright, it is important to have significant differences in character and hobbies. If a girl is calm – a guy should be quirky and cheerful, if he likes soothing music, then he, on the contrary, should like hard rock or club songs. This theory is based on the fact that such a couple will constantly feed each other with new knowledge and will never get bored. However, there is a minus – the change can be so significant that they simply stop understanding their partner’s hobbies and desires, and this will lead to separation. Inseparable couple The second theory is exactly the opposite of the first – the couple feels comfortable when they look in the same direction, and their thoughts, interests and character seem to merge into one. For both of them, a happy family is a priority, they love the same movies, and even in choosing a place for a walk there is no disagreement.

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