Even the baby in the cradle annoys me in this house, the husband sleeps with his grandmother and I am the daughter of…

Even the baby in the crib annoys me in this house, the husband sleeps with his grandmother and I am the daughter of… – I also wanted to write my story and ask for your opinions. I am married, I am the mother of 3 children, unfortunately, one child after another. He died after giving birth, but thank God, I was happy again with my second child, but the problem is that my husband cheats on me, does not respect me, abuses me, goes out with other women many times, I have seen him on Facebook, on Skype in the city, my relatives have seen him with another when one day I wanted to leave,

I was told that I would not be allowed to do such things and I was hoping that Linda would allow me the 3rd child, the girl, but the same story continued, she insulted me in everyone’s eyes, she started telling me to go to the door where You find it better, go away, but I won’t give you children, and never in your life do you dare marry anyone else, if you break up with me with a word, you threaten me with the children, you abuse me very much, the children in their eyes are equal My father at the beginning, when I only had my second child, told me to separate because this man is never done, but I wanted him because he was the only man and the only man in my life that I have known since we were Moshe 15 years old and until now that I am I’ve been with him for 27 years, I’ve tried with my flesh and soul to be a good wife, a good mother for my children, but I don’t know what to do, how to act with this man, I can say that my life is hell It’s true, especially in the last 5 years, I talked to my dad, I told him that I want to break up, he said how will you break up after 10 years of marriage, but he knows everything about Ben and my dad talks to him many times, but it’s in vain You don’t understand the word at all. You don’t even let me in my family.

I can go visit you when I want. You tell me no, your brother will come. I can’t do anything and let me go, I have a lot of dear Halle and the baby in the cradle is bullying me, no one in this house respects me, even though I try with all my heart to do everything well and be patient, but it’s in vain, I don’t know what to do. the children are with me, let me know very well that here they abuse them and do not take care of them, the husband does not come to the house, sometimes for months, he does not sleep in the same room with me, even when he is in the house, he sleeps with your mother and I have talked many times with them, but every time I started to talk to him, he cursed me, even though I tried to speak calmly, but in vain, he tells me to be patient, when I get old, I will stop, but my behavior will go to hell. I haven’t seen a single white day since I married him, even before the engagement we were very, very happy, he loved me and I loved him very much, I have never made him put his head down because of me, neither my husband nor my family because of me. But how do I do it? I asked you for advice or your thoughts. Please give me your thoughts. Please, without insults. Thank you. I may have spent the night too long.

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