Couples who share housework equally have more sex?

As it turns out, feminism can be incredibly glamorous, or at least the equal doing of houseworkA new study, which will be published in the ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’, shows that couples who share jobs, which is considered “non-traditional” by many, have more sex.

And what’s better than when equal rights are combined with lots of sex?

Professor of Cornell University, Sharon Sassler, as well as one of the authors of this study, says that the couples who had divided the housework had marked an increase in sexual frequency compared to the couples where only the wife had done the housework. decrease in sexual frequency.Jenny Anderson has reported for “Quartz” that for this study they also compared the data of the past 14 years.In this latest study they found that couples who shared housework had sex an average of 6.8 times a month – the average, while those who stuck to the traditional had about once a month. Each of us likes to think we know what we are most afraid of. In fact, there are many things that usually come to mind when we think of our greatest fear.

The biggest fears of the zodiac signs can serve as an indicative guide to what drives them and what makes them stand out. Ultimately, what many fail to realize is that our fears and what we perceive as threats are aspects of our uniquely encoded personality traits.

Here’s a closer look at the biggest fears zodiac signs must overcome to live their best lives:

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