Astrologers recommend when is the best time to get married in 2023

More and more couples in the world choose a day for their wedding on their own or in agreement with an agency for the organization of a wedding ceremony when the stars are in their favor

If you plan to get married in 2023, try making a reservation on February 5th, May 19th, July 17th or October 14th!

Astrologers claim that these are the days with the most favorable arrangement of the planets, so the newlyweds will have good predispositions for a long and successful marriage.

February, as a winter month, is not very popular for weddings, but you should think about February 5th.

The fact that no planet moves retrograde on that date, while the Moon will be full, according to astrologers, is an extremely auspicious circumstance for the beginning of marriage.

February is also a good option because your guests will hardly have two weddings on the same day, so they will be able to fully relax only at yours.

According to astro-predictions, the future newlyweds should spend September 2 and 3 in the calendar of 2023!

With Mercury retrograde’s well-known bad influence on relationships and communication, the planet of love, Venus, also goes retrograde during that period! “It’s not a good time to start,” astrologers agree.

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